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Terms and conditions

Last update: 22.02.2023

  1. Definitions
  2. "Company", "we", "us" means ALSTA MOBILITY S.R.L., a limited company trading under current Romanian legislation and registered at the Trade Register of Romania under number J40/3208/2022 and Tax Identification Number 45676976.

    "Customer" is a person who orders the services of our Company by email, telephone, or by filling out an electronic booking form.

    "Passenger" refers to the individual whose name is provided in the booking form. The passenger can also be a customer of the service, although it is not mandatory for the customer to be the passenger.

    "Partner" or "Partners" are the transport service providers we use when our company is not available to carry out a transfer or other transport service. When a partner confirms a booking from us, they accept these Terms.

    "Service" (transfer, drive) refers to the provision of vehicle transfer services, which involves renting a vehicle with a driver for transportation between the specified departure and destination points. This service may also include assisting the customer in arranging additional services upon their request. Customers have the option to request a single service comprising one or multiple transfers.

    "Receipt Confirmation" means the written confirmation that we have received your request and contains all the data entered in the booking form, which we will send to the Customer's email address.

    "Confirmation" means the written confirmation that we have accepted your Booking together with the payment link if you have chosen to pay online by card, which we send to you by email.

    "Terms" means these terms and conditions.

    "Website", "Websites" means or any other website owned or operated by us.

  3. Use of website
  4. The text, photos, videos and other information on our website are for illustration purposes only. We are committed to providing accurate, complete and up-to-date information within our capabilities, so it is reasonable to expect that some of our services or its components will not be available at any given time.

    The distance and trip time provided will be considered as approximations or estimates. You may find that construction projects, traffic, weather, or other events may cause conditions to differ from the information published and you should plan your trip accordingly.

    We cannot guarantee that the information on this website is always correct or reliable, including things like viruses. But if you let us know about any mistakes, we'll do our best to fix them quickly. If these mistakes lead to bookings with incorrect prices or promotions, we have the right to cancel the contract without compensating the customer

    Our Website may include links that lead to third-party websites where the content differs from the content published on Our Website. Mind that we are not liable for the information or data protection practices used by third parties on their websites. We recommend learning more about the rules of using third-party websites before using them. We do not check the availability, content, privacy policy, quality and completeness of other websites.

  5. Online booking procedure
  6. To utilize our services, the Customer must be a minimum of 18 years old and legally eligible to enter into a contractual agreement. The Customer takes on the responsibility for accurately and completely providing information during the booking process. Additionally, the Customer is accountable for settling all fees related to the ordered and/or provided services, including insurance costs, as well as charges for modifications, additions, or cancellations of services. The Customer is also obliged to ensure that all passengers are fully and accurately informed about all services and any alterations following the initial booking. The Customer confirms that all passengers acknowledge and agree to these Terms.

    After receiving the Receipt Confirmation, it is your duty to verify the correctness of all the provided details. While we commit to making reasonable efforts in verifying airlines and their schedules and monitor the traffic on the way to your destination, the ultimate responsibility for their accuracy rests with you. Consequently, we cannot assume any liability for issues arising from inaccuracies in the reservation information. We recommend that you plan to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before your flight's departure time, in addition to accounting for the estimated transfer duration.

    Our company's responsibility to deliver the service commences upon the issuance of the Confirmation. Receiving the issued Confirmation entails your commitment to settle the service charges as outlined in the booking. The digital records stored on our email servers will serve as evidence of your receipt of the said Confirmation.

    Your responsibilities to us, as well as our responsibilities to you, cease upon the conclusion of the service or its cancellation. We suggest retaining the Confirmation in either a printed or digital format with you for the entire duration of the service.

    All children and infants count towards the occupancy of the vehicle, regardless of age, and thus should be included in the total number of passengers at the time of booking.

    Prior to making a request for the services available on our website, it's important that you review and comprehend these Terms, as they will regulate every subsequent agreement. By making a booking, you affirm that you have thoroughly reviewed these Terms and that you possess the legal capacity to accept them, both for yourself and on behalf of all Passengers. If any aspect of the Terms is unclear to you, we advise reaching out to us for clarification before proceeding with your booking. If you choose not to be bound by these Terms, we regret that you will be unable to make a booking for our services.

    Upon filling out the booking form, you validate your ability to enter into legally binding agreements both in your own capacity and on behalf of the passengers. The booking form is regarded as an integral component of these Terms.

  7. Child seats & Pricing
  8. The need for safety seats for children should be requested by the Costumer as an additional comment by specifying the number and age of children to be transported as well as the required type of seating.

    Note that we or our Partners will provide child / baby seats if requested whenever possible, however there may be rare instances when such seats are unable to be provided due to lack of availability or to unforeseen last minute vehicle substitution, for example. In those cases, you will be refunded the cost of the extra. If the retention systems booked are not available, children over the age of three must use a seatbelt.

    Please note that you cannot hold us responsible in case that children traveling with you need larger or smaller car seats than those provided for their age.

    The Costumer is responsible to check that the retention system is compatible with the vehicle and that it is correctly installed. We or our partners will not be responsible for any incident derived from misuse, or improper installation of the retention system.

    Own child seats or lifts can be used in some cases, you must inform us of this at the time the booking is made. We have to ensure that the vehicle used is compatible with the retention system. Minibuses or coaches are used in some cases when travelling with big groups and in these vehicles, it is not possible to use child seats.

    Prices for child / baby seats are shown on the booking form.

  9. Last minute bookings
  10. Depending on the routes and the season, our freesale deadline varies from 0 to 48 hours, and more in exceptional cases, before a Service commences. If prompted by the Website, please contact us so that we can check whether we or our Partners have a suitable vehicle available for your Service. Please note that our cancellation policies will apply regardless of booking date and time.

  11. Price, payment and fees
  12. When booking with the ‘Online - Credit or debit card’ option, You agree to pay the price within 24 hours of the moment You recieve the Confirmation email. Prices for online card payments are charged in Lei (Romanian Leu) by our bussiness partner Stripe Technology Europe and any currency conversion facility is provided as an approximation only.

    When booking with the ‘Cash to driver at pickup’ option, You agree to pay the price to the driver. If you choose this option, please ensure that you have the correct and fixed cash amount available, in Lei or Euros, unless otherwise stated in your Confirmation email. Please note that we may ask for a photo of a document proving your flight or journey when you choose this option. In case we want to confirm the validity of your booking and we are not able to contact you by phone or e-mail, we reserve the right to cancel your booking.

    The credit or debit card you use to pay the price for the booking will be charged by our bussiness partner Stripe Technology Europe. A payment confirmation email along with the invoice will be sent to your provided email address after the payment was made.

    We reserve the right to reject all requests to change payment methods other than the payment methods selected during the booking process.

    If full payment is not received when required, we may cancel your booking and charge the cancellation fees set out in their booking conditions.

    Note that fees or charges added by your card provider are not refundable by us. You will need to contact your card provider.

    In the event that You make any deviations from the route that You entered into the Website, You are obliged to inform us by e-mail or phone and You may be subject to additional charges and will make such payment directly to the driver.

    From time to time we run promotions and discounts. Specific terms and conditions need to be checked for each of the promotions.

  13. Your changes, amendments and cancellations
  14. Cancellations must be sent in writing by email to If you cancel your booking more than 6 hours for vehicles with up to 15 seats ,or more than 96 hours for vehicles with more than 15 seats prior to the date on which you use the first Service confirmed in your booking you will be fully refunded. Your cancellation request will only be considered approved and valid once you receive the Cancellation Confirmation.

    If you cancel your booking less than 6 hours for vehicles with up to 15 seats, or less than 96 hours for vehicles with more than 15 seats prior to the date on which you use the first Service confirmed in your booking you will not be entitled to any refund.

    Please note that credit/debit card processing fees (1.4% - 2.9%) charged by our payment processing partner Stripe Technology Europe are non-refundable when you cancel your Booking.

    In case of flight delay, let us know as soon as possible on the contact number provided in the Confirmation. If your flight, train or ship arrives at the place of departure earlier than the specified time, you must wait until the time written in the Confirmation.

    Any changes to the Booking must be sent in writing by email to before the date of the Service and will not take effect until we confirm the changes to you by email. Please ensure that you have received written confirmation of any changes to your booking prior to travel.

    We can’t make any changes to your Service details within less than 2 hours before the scheduled pickup time. In such a scenario, you can either use the Service as initially booked or proceed with your cancellation request with no refund.

  15. Our changes, amendments and cancellations
  16. We have the right to request certain changes to the data in your Booking in order to raise the quality of the entire service. These can be changes to the time, method of payment or any other information in the Booking. You are not required to accept the changes we request from you. In this case, the previously agreed information in the Booking is valid.

    We have the right to request certain changes to the data in your Booking due to incorrectly filled in data when booking. If due to incorrectly filled in data in the Booking the wrong price is offered, less than the correct one, we will offer you the option of choosing a new correct price or cancelling the Booking. In case of cancellation, the cancellation policy applies.

    In extraordinary cases, if we or our Partner is forced to make a significant change in the conditions of Service, or to cancel the Service, we will make the necessary efforts to find viable alternatives to any confirmed Booking that we must cancel. If we are finally forced to cancel your Booking, you will be refunded the full amount of the Booking and this refund will cover all obligations towards the customer arising from such cancellation.

  17. Waiting time
  18. The driver will be waiting for you at the place of departure at the time of transfer specified in the Confirmation. "Included" waiting time for departure on your transfer is 60 minutes if the place of departure is the airport, or 30 minutes for all other departure points. "Free" waiting time is calculated from the time specified in your Booking. In case your flight, train or boat arrives earlier, please wait until the time specified in the Booking. In case your flight is delayed, "free" time is added to the new landing time.

    Additional waiting time must be requested by calling the number provided in the Confirmation. It will be provided to you and confirmed by the Customer Support Department if it does not jeopardize the daily schedule of the driver. Additional waiting is charged per started hour from the time when the free waiting period expires.

    Prices for additional waiting time starts from 20 € per hour for vehicles with up to 3 seats and from 40 € per hour for vehicles with more than 4 seats.

  19. Baggage allowance
  20. The price given in the Booking Confirmation includes the number of pieces of luggage specified on the booking form. Excess luggage, bulky luggage, or the transportation of animals not stated as an additional comment upon booking could lead to corresponding surcharges.

  21. Behavior in the Vehicle
  22. We reserve the right to deny service to passengers if:

    We believe that they are unable to travel and / or use the services they have ordered, or

    We believe that their actions could cause embarrassment to other passengers, our staff, the staff of our partners, the public, or endanger anyone, or cause damage to property.

    In addition, the service agreed with us may be cancelled in such a situation without exercising the right to a refund or any compensation.

    In case of a breach against a particular component of the agreed service, special conditions may be imposed on the passenger for the remaining duration of the service. Neither our company nor its partners can be held legally or financially liable for accidents, injuries, losses or damages caused by inappropriate passenger behaviour, which includes behaviour under the influence of substances of any kind, including prescription drugs and other medical devices.

    If any passenger breaks or damages anything during the service, or if the passenger's behaviour necessitates unforeseen cleaning or maintenance of the vehicle, we, and the owner of the property in question, will hold the Passenger liable for compensation in accordance with damage reports and invoices issued by relevant organizations. Failure to meet payment deadlines can lead to additional costs incurred as a result of filing a lawsuit.

  23. Traveler No Show Policy
  24. A traveler no show is considered if the passenger did not show up at the place of departure at the time of transfer until the end of the included waiting time.

    The driver will be waiting for you with a tablet or an inscription of the name of the passenger or the logo of our Company.

    If your flight is delayed let us know as soon as you receive the information.

    If your flight, train or boat arrives earlier, you are required to wait until the Service time. You are free to contact us and request a change of Service time, however we are not obliged to approve your request. Such request shall be subject to request for amendment within 24 hours.

    The place of departure is considered to be the address of departure in your Booking. For Services departing from an airport, train station or bus station, the driver will be waiting for you on arrival according to your flight / train / bus number, or at the place of disembarkation. In case of impossibility to meet at the listed places, we will inform you by phone or e-mail and suggest a new nearest place of departure. That is why it is important that you provide us with the correct flight number, train, where your bus is coming from or the name of the ship or island you are coming from. Enter the name of your boat or island you are coming from, the bus or train in a note to the driver, when booking.

    In case that we are unable to establish contact with you within 30 (or 60 min if the departure point is the airport) from the time of departure via the contact number on the booking or by email, we will declare a no-show passenger. In accordance with established business practice, digital records from our servers will be considered proof of the time of telephone calls.

    If, according to all the above, your service is declared a no show, you are not entitled to a refund. In that case, if you have a cash-back refund, it will be cancelled and you will receive a cancellation confirmation. If you have a return Service with full or partial payment by card, we will contact you to confirm your service. If you do not confirm the service within 24 hours before the return Service time, we will cancel the service. In that case, you do not have the right to a refund or a return Service.

  25. Driver no show policy
  26. Our driver must appear at the pickup location on time. If the driver is 15 minutes late, he should inform the Costumer directly about the delay (via call or text message). If the driver is more than 15 minutes late, he will also contact you and notify you about the expected delay. If driver is late more than 15 min the Costumer has the right to use another transportation service and receive a full refund.

    In such a scenario our team will proceed with the investigation of the situation and if driver no-show is confirmed the Costumer gets a full refund. In case we fail to deliver Extra services, the amount paid for it will be refunded to the Costumer. In case the Costumer informs about driver’s no-show or files a compliant later than 7 days from the scheduled Service, the investigation will not take place, and a refund will not be issued.

  27. Vehicles booked
  28. We try hard to respect our clients’ preferences about the vehicle chosen; however, the vehicle may be replaced by one of higher capacity or multiple vehicles depending on availability. If the change is a reduction in the category or size of the vehicle for which we have a cheaper rate, the price difference will be refunded.

  29. Force majeure
  30. Force majeure refers to exceptional circumstances that were unforeseeable and could not have been prevented through reasonable precautions.

    In the event that the company, its representatives, or contractual partners are incapable of fulfilling their responsibilities due to the repercussions of unforeseen force majeure circumstances occurring after service reservation, we will be released from our obligations as outlined in these Terms.

    Force majeure events are situations for which we bear no responsibility and over which we have no control, yet they have a substantial impact on service delivery. Such events may include, but are not limited to, earthquakes, floods, fires, extreme weather conditions, labor strikes, traffic congestions, road closures, significant public events like marathons or mass gatherings, government actions, military operations, and more.

  31. Disputes
  32. Complaints are acceptable if you send them to us within 10 days of completing the Service. If you decide to file a complaint against any of our services or any of its components, we undertake to process your complaint without undue delay, and in any case within 30 days of its receipt. Digital records from our servers will be considered sufficient proof of the time of receipt of your complaint.

    We also undertake to transfer the funds in question to you no later than 30 days after your written acceptance of our refund decision, which you are obliged to provide within 10 days of our notification of the refund. Please note that we can in no way be held responsible for transferring funds to your bank account. We will document our payment and provide you with proof of payment upon request.

  33. Travel Insurance
  34. We recommend that you travel with your own travel insurance which is adequate for your needs including your flight ticket,hotel booking or any other transportation tickets you may have.

  35. Copyright
  36. The copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in our websites are ours, or are granted and are protected by national and international regulations.

    Any use of our website content is prohibited, including the modification, subsequent publication, reproduction or total or partial representation of the same without our express consent.

    You hereby undertake not to use our websites for unlawful purposes.